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Green Mountain pellet smokers offer innovation and good quality as well as relatively low price points.

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I use a Maverick ProTemp Instant Read Thermometer for checking meat temps.I won a Yoder YS 640 and I must clean out the firebox each time or it will not light.I could check the temp of my cooker and the meat with just the push of a button.

I will have been running my DB for almost a year now, and I have found that if you crank the damper down it will use less pellets and maintain the heat to with in 1 or 2 degrees, and it takes about 10 min. to get to 500 to do pizza. you also do need to clean out the fire box about every 3 to 4 time of use.Feel free to mix and match the pellets until you find a combination you really like.

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The smell of garlic and rosemary, the crisp outside and the tender medium well center.I was excited to smoke my bird this year in the Green Mountain Grill, for the first time.We always eat outside on our patio where it is very comfortable with a rainforest theme.My newest grill purchase is a Green Mountain pellet grill and the model is the Daniel Boone which is their smallest grill.Place glazed ham in large baking dish or cast iron skillet and onto the grill.Next BBQ Site - Next 5 BBQ Sites - Prev BBQ Site - Random BBQ Site.

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It seems that there are differences that sometimes cause confusion in year models even for the dealers so that was why I wasnt sure which year.I have learned my cooker and use the temp differences to my advantage.You can even do some of them in the oven or crock pot, but, then you lose all the flavors you get from cooking outdoors.

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Grills and smokers on the other hand, those are a whole different story.

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Give the grill about 10 minutes to reach start temperature (150 degrees) I then turn it up to 450 (230c) for a quick cleaning burn.Ken prefers the horseradish or jalapeno mustard, Patti likes the spicy brown or Dijon.

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I needed to smoke a couple of pork butts and I decided to do them in my Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill.Mike has owned a GMG for sometime now and I have a next door neighbor that has one as well.So I have wanted to do a Prime Rib ever since I got this grill.The Daniel Boone weighs 152 pounds which makes it very portable.Smoked Salmon Recipe - How to Smoke Salmon. salmon over low heat on the Green Mountain Grills.

Our grilling styles are healthy and low fat and will fit pelletheads, gas, natural wood and even charcoal purists.Once I reached my desired temperature I put my brisket on and inserted the food probe so the Daniel Boone could keep track of the meat.This staple Braai dish takes 10-15 hours to cook and another quarter-hour or so to pull the pork.Green Mountain Pellet Grills are now recognized as the top-of-line.

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Team that with a 13.5 inch clearance and you have a very large cook space.This recipe for beef brisket will take a bit of the challenge out and provide an awesome meal.Often I have to cold call different companies and arrange for samples to be sent to me to try out and review.

Tailgating Challenge - Green Mountain Grill Review - A place for people who live to tailgate.Start up would have been easy if I would have read the instruction book that was given to me.There is little to no smoke at temps more than 250 degrees (122c), anything higher is cooking and there will not be much if any smoke so I did a Wedgie for a little smoke boost.The reason that pellet grills win far more than their fair share of BBQ competitions is that the food.

My overall impression of the GMG Daniel Boone model was excellent.I have been in a handful of contests and have gotten a few calls.I have never used one of these grills before but now I would not object to trying one out.Jason from GMG will be on and you can call in and ask him some of your questions.This was longer than it would have taken me on my propane grill but the Daniel Boone cooked an incredible steak.

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The Daniel Boone is a wood pellet grill with a long-lasting powder coated finish and.It came with a recipe book that provided us with the list of.Once started, the grill begins to go through the motions of starting up and getting to temp.These easy pellet grill recipes will please even your picky eater.The GMG Daniel Boone that I tested was an older model and may differ in specs from the current model.Green Mountain Grills offer this pellet cooker for a bargain.

Almost any of our recipes can be done on any kind of good BBQ.At Green Mountain Grills we discovered something we loved, REALLY loved.

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Note: I get a lot of questions about the kind of pellets you can use with a recipe.My instruction book did say some would be 150 and some would be higher.

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With a set of grill grates they would grill perfectly and the smoking aspect is already top notch.I am happy to be on the Pro Staff of Green Mountain Grills,and.